Bill Maher ridicules GOP for pushing Texas audit after Arizona's backfired: 'The crazy never stops'

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher on Friday mocked Republicans for audits of the election President Joe Biden won over ten months ago.

"The crazy never stops," Maher said. "The results from the audit of the election, which was almost a year ago, are in from Arizona. Whoops, they found actually Biden got more votes."

"And this was done by a company with no auditing experience, called Cyber Ninjas, who will now go back to their old job playing Dungeons and Drags in their mom's basement," he explained.

"So a fake company hired to do a partisan recount couldn't produce a bulllsh*t result — and this has really shaken up MAGA nation," he continued.

He went on to ridicule Republicans in Texas who are conducting an audit even though Trump won the state.

"Trump demanded an audit yesterday and the governor, Greg Abbott, ordered it that night," Maher said. "Boy, I thought those Haitian immigrants were whipped."