‘Black Americans must stop it’: Former congressman warns of ‘flunking’ by voting Dem
Raphael Warnock / Shutterstock

Former GOP Rep. Gary Franks of Connecticut argued in Rupert Murdoch's tabloid that Black Americans should vote for GOP candidates to avoid flunking the strategy he thinks they should utilize.

Franks' New York Post column was published under the headline, "Black Americans must stop voting Dem by default to see change."

"For example, if you are a black American, there is a 90+% chance you are not voting for a Republican regardless of the Democratic candidate — even if the Republican were Mother Teresa. That is wrong and not wise," wrote the former three-term congressman.

Franks, who lost his 1998 Senate bid to Democrat Chris Dodd, was the first Black GOP congressman in over half a century.

"Black Americans must stop it. They must stop trying to play basketball with nine players on one team and one player on the opposing team. That won’t work," he claimed. "Black Americans must realize that in every school or class known to man, you will fail if you only participate in half the classes and read half of the assigned readings."

Franks discussed the election through the frame of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade in June.

"Well, Democrats support our issues, some black people would say. OK. That must mean you support killing 20 million black babies? You must be OK with 40% of all abortions involving black babies? We must have better solutions than killing babies," he wrote. "How about what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young, Jackie Robinson and other black civil-rights leaders fought for: desegregation? Unlike those great leaders, black Democrats seem to be OK with having a segregated political system."

Franks went on to say, "if this trend is not corrected, it is a danger to democracy."

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