'This is disturbing': Man attacks 12-year-old Black child on bus as bystanders do nothing
(Screenshot via Fox 11)

Police in Long Beach, California, are investigating an incident where a 12-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted on a transit bus this Sunday, Fox 11 reports.

Speaking to Fox 11, the boy's father said the incident occurred while the boy, who is Black, was on his way to visit his grandmother.

"My son went to visit his grandmother right up the street right here on Atlantic," Billy Brown said. "He got on the 61 bus and when he got to Atlantic and Carson street, there was a Hispanic male that got on the bus around 40 years old and when he got on the bus, he sat next to my son."

According to the boy, the man tapped him on the shoulder after he sat down next to him.

"He was just mad and he started hitting me and stuff in the head. I tried to protect myself and I tried to block some of the hits, but I couldn't block all of them," the boy said, adding that no one stepped in to help him during the ordeal.

"I've never been in a situation with a grown man trying to hit me in my life. I remember when I was getting hit, I was like where's the bus driver? There was only one dude who [after the attack] said, 'Do you want to call the police or press charges?'" he said.

"When I was walking back [after getting off of the bus], I was kind of worried so I was looking around to see if he [the suspect] followed me or something," he said.

The boy was reportedly hit multiple times in the head and mouth.

"Once he was done hitting me, I was like, 'Why was I being attacked out of all the people?' I'm a child. I probably might be tall but I don't look like an adult. I don't have any adult features on me at all yet," he said.

Watch Fox 11's report on the story below:

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