Disturbing video shows Black teen screaming in pain while being attacked by a police dog 'for no reason'

Devondrea Williams says that when police sicced a dog on him, "I ain't never scream like that a day in my life."

Speaking to KMOV4, Williams said he was riding in the back of a truck with his cousin when they were pulled over by police in Granite City, Illinois. He says they were never told why they were pulled over, but his cousin was allegedly involved in a fight.

"I see him reaching for his handcuffs, so I go to put my hand like this and then he grabs my arm aggressively. I look at him and then two other cops get pushing me. They push me onto the truck, and then I see the dog out of the corner of my eye and then the dog bites me," said Williams. "He bit me like I think five times."

Local resident Regeana Canada, who witnessed the incident, said the dog latched onto Williams for about 8 minutes and that police had to tase the dog in order to get it to let go.

"I'm not anti-police, there's just some questions about that particular incident I would like answered because I don't understand why the dog got let loose," said Canada.

In a statement to KMOV4, the Granite City Police Department said the incident is under investigation.

"Officers conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle with some of the individuals involved in the incident. At this time, officers attempted to continue to gather facts to ascertain what exactly had taken place," the statement read. "During the traffic stop, an individual obstructed the investigation and resisted arrest. They were taken into custody with the assistance of a police K-9. This investigation is still ongoing and as a result, no further information can be given at this time regarding this matter."

But according to Canada, Williams did not resist the officers.

"No, he did not resist arrest at all," said Canada.

No one was arrested during the incident.

Watch KMOV4's report on the story below:

Metro East mom says son attacked by police dog for no reason www.youtube.com