Lauren Boebert inadvertently admits to ‘destroying our freedoms’ in latest Twitter rant

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is facing heightened backlash on Twitter for her latest controversial tweet about America's "freedoms." On Friday, April 9, the Colorado lawmaker highlighted the vast nature of American citizens' freedoms as she claimed one political party was "laser-focused on destroying our freedoms," reports The HuffPost.

"We live in the freest country on planet earth," Boebert tweeted. "The rest of the world envies our freedoms. Meanwhile, we have a political party that is laser-focused on destroying our freedoms. It is not only shocking but very dangerous.

Although Boebert did not name the Democratic Party, specifically, it is presumed that she was referring to President Joe Biden's latest executive orders focused on combatting the widespread issue of gun violence in the United States; an order the Republican lawmaker has outwardly condemned repeatedly over the last several days.

But since Boebert did not specifically name the Democratic Party, she opened the door for Twitter users to flip the script. Critics quickly seized the moment by trolling Boebert's tweet as they interpreted it as a critical reaction to her own political party. Many Twitter users noted Republican lawmakers' attempt to restrict voting rights as a direct attack on freedoms.

After losing the 2020 election, Republican lawmakers drastically increased their efforts to suppress votes. Since last year, Republicans have proposed more than 200 restrictive bills hoping to suppress votes; an action that would certainly infringe upon Americans' freedoms. Boebert has not yet responded to the critical remarks she received on Twitter.