Boogaloo militia member pleads guilty to destroying evidence: report
Anthony Crider.

Robert Jesus Blancas, one of four "Boogaloo" militia members, pleaded guilty Monday in a virtual hearing from Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, reported the Courthouse News Service.

Blancas declared that he was guilty of destroying evidence to obstruct an investigation into the fatal shooting of a police officer at the Oakland courthouse.

Wearing a red jumpsuit, Blancas admitted to conspiring to destroy evidence by deleting group chats and other messages with the "Grizzly Scouts" militia group. Fellow militia member, former Air Force Sgt. Steven Carrillo was the one charged with actually shooting Officer David Underwood.

"Prosecutors say the men met in person for firearms training and discussed committing acts of violence against law enforcement on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms," the report explained, citing the filings.

Prosecutors outlined in court documents that the men repeatedly referenced the term "boog," a reference to the antigovernment pro-gun movement known for promoting civil war.

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