Shocking bodycam footage shows cop beating and shoving unarmed people with their hands up
Boston Police officer knocks down protester (Photo: Screen capture)

A video posted by reporter Eoin Higgins revealed the harsh actions by Boston Police Department members who kicked, punched and shoved unarmed protesters with their hands up.

The video, which shows a time-stamp of June 2020, shows the officer taking his nightstick and using it to shove Jasmine Huff in her neck or chest while she held up her hands. He then moves onto someone on a bicycle who he shoved over. The officer behind the one with the body cam then stomped on her body while she was laying on the ground.

"After she was trampled, two officers grabbed her under the arms and moved her to the side as the riot police line of attack marched forward," described Higgins.

"I couldn't move, it was just terrifying," Huff said. "It was horrible."

According to Higgins, Huff complained to the police and when she was asked to talk to the police but ultimately she felt like they were trying to incriminate her for being shoved.

"I remember how pointless I felt the conversation was," said Huff. "And then it led to nothing."

Attorney Carl Williams worked to get the 66 hours of police bodycam videos showing the officers trampling people without a care in the world.

It was only after those videos revealed the police violence did former Police Commissioner William Gross say that he wanted to investigate them.

See the shocking video below and read the full story about the incident: