​immigrant naturalization for citizenship
The daughter of a immigrant holds an American flag while she joins her mother's naturalization ceremony on Flag Day at the historic Betsy Ross House. (Shutterstock.com)

During an online discussion this week, Missouri Republican House candidate Brandon Wilkinson revealed that he "can be a little extreme on some issues."

According to Wilkinson, people who are not born in the U.S., regardless if they immigrate legally and become citizens, should not be able to vote "on anything."

"So if you had been naturalized, you got your citizenship, I actually [still believe] you shouldn't be able to vote," Wilkinson said.

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"This is part of the Art of the Deal," he continued later in the discussion. "Because maybe what he compromise is, they gotta be here 10 years, and at that point, they have probably adopted some of our customs and traditions, maybe they haven't ... I actually think that no one, no one, should be able to serve in public office who's not born here."

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