Fired cop who shot and killed Breonna Taylor gets new policing job
Breonna Taylor (Family photo)

The former Louisville cop who shot and killed Breonna Taylor has landed another police job, Forbes reported.

Myles Cosgrove has been hired by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy.

Cosgrove was fired by the Louisville Metro Police Department in January 2021 for violating use-of-force policies and not turning on his body camera during the incident.

A protest against Cosgrove’s hiring by the sheriff’s department was planned for Monday. The department’s chief acknowledged the controversial nature of the hiring, saying: “There will be opinions on both sides of the equation.” He added: “We’re going to give him a chance.”

In March 2020, Taylor, 26, was shot and killed by officers while she was asleep as they executed a no-knock narcotics search warrant on her home. Taylor’s boyfriend, who was also asleep beside her, fired his handgun at the officers allegedly because he thought they were intruders.