A Black coach just sued the NFL for racial discrimination -- here are the most stunning allegations

Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the National Football League that alleged racial discrimination against Black coaches.

The lawsuit features several explosive claims that depict NFL owners as not being serious about hiring Black coaches -- and then working to undermine Black coaches on the occasions they do get hired.

Here are some of the most damning claims Flores made.

1.) Dolphins owner Stephen Ross didn't take Flores seriously as a long-term solution at the head coach position and urged him to deliberately lose to improve the team's draft position.

Flores alleges that, shortly after he was hired as head coach, Ross urged him to "tank" the team's season with the aim of securing the top overall pick in the draft.

In fact, Flores claims that Ross offered to pay him an extra $100,000 for each loss -- and was allegedly angry when Flores won too many games.

2.) Members of the Denver Broncos front office allegedly showed up appearing visibly hung over to Flores's interview.

In another example showing how NFL franchises don't take Black coaches seriously, Flores claims that former Broncos General Manager John Elway and other team executives showed up late to their interview with him.

What's more, Flores claims that the executives "looked completely disheveled, and it was obvious that they had [been] drinking heavily the night before."

Flores then alleged that it was clear that they only bothered interviewing him to fulfill a quota that states teams must interview a certain number of Black coaches.

3. Text messages appear to show that the New York Giants had already decided to hire a white coach even before they brought Flores in for what he believes was another token interview.

In texting with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who was Flores's boss before he got hired by Miami, Flores expressed hope that he would get hired by the Giants.

Belichick, thinking that he was actually talking with recently hired Giants head coach Brian Daboll, congratulated Flores on getting hired by the team and he said that he heard from sources that "you are their guy."

Belichick realized his mistake and replied to Flores that "I f*cked this up" and "I think they are naming Daboll."

The decision to hire Daboll apparently occurred before Flores was even interviewed.

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