Fox News host explodes over COVID rules: 'There's no guarantee I'm not going to get hit by a car right now'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday flew into a rage about the ongoing COVID-19 safety restrictions.

A segment on Fox & Friends began by smearing Dr. Anthony Fauci for modifying his advice on masks throughout the pandemic.

Kilmeade, however, disagreed with Fauci's caution on whether 80-year-old grandparents who have been vaccinated can visit with their grandchildren.

"Can they go see their grandkids? You know what the answer is? Yes," the Fox News host declared. "The vaccine is 94% effective. The chances of a kid getting it and falling ill are infinitesimal."

"You go over there and do it," he continued. "[Fauci] doesn't take into account the psychological damage done by not going to school, by not seeing your grandkids, by not playing sports, by not going to work, by losing your job. All he sees is a bunch of graphs."

Kilmeade also complained that Fauci was being "political" by appearing on MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's show after the Trump administration refused to allow him to be a guest.

"You do Rachel Maddow's show because you agree with her and that's fine," Kilmeade opined. "But you should not be a scientist and be a politician."

"You can't have a political person there whose beter days are clearly in their rearview mirror in something that matters so much," he ranted. "Why people give him a pass when he's been so wrong so often on things that matter so much is one of the great mysteries of this last year. He has been terrible and detrimental to America's recovery."

Co-host Steve Doocy tried to inject some reality into the segment.

"I think regarding grandparents hugging their kids, I think the worry is that the kids could be asymptomatic and infect the grandparents, who have gotten the vaccine," Doocy explained.

"How long do you stay inside?" Kilmeade exclaimed. "How long do you want to tell an 80 year old not to see their grandkids -- the grandparents could have gotten the flu from the kid and it be just as dangerous."

"Make your own [choice], just lay it out, just say, nothing's perfect," he added. "There's no guarantee I'm not going to get hit by a car right now. There's no guarantee."

"You can't continue to take the psychological damage that is being done by the so-called scientists on American specifically!" Kilmeade concluded. "Stop the lockdown restriction and let America get back to being America."

Watch the video below from Fox News.