'A very incorrect statement': Fox News host smacked down for 'false narrative' on live TV
Fox News/screen grab

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser confronted Fox News host Brian Kilmeade for broadcasting a false narrative about President Joe Biden's visit to his city Wednesday.

During an interview on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade argued that El Paso had removed migrants from the city for Biden's visit earlier this year.

"And the crazy thing is, when the president came, you guys cleaned up the streets," Kilmeade opined. "So he saw a sanitized El Paso, not the one that you have to deal with every day."

"Well, let me explain something," Leeser replied. "That was a very incorrect statement."

"When the president came, the numbers had gone down, and you were able to see they had gone down," the mayor noted.

"Mr. Mayor, you cleaned up the streets for the president," Kilmeade argued. "That was not a candid look of El Paso."

But Leeser continued to push back.

"No, sir," he said. "That's a very incorrect statement. It's a shame that you would put out that type of statement."

"In December, the [immigration] numbers went down all the way through to just recently, and the numbers have increased recently," Leeser remarked.

Kilmeade called on Leeser to complain to the Biden administration.

"We're very thankful that President Biden came and met with the Border Patrol, the people that are providing the services to NGOs and all," Leeser asserted.

"You are aware that the immigration process and program did not just break recently," Leeser said. "It's been broken for many, many years prior to this administration."

Kilmeade claimed immigration was up "200 plus percent since this administration took over and broke it."

"Unfortunately, that's a very false narrative," Leeser lamented. "We really need to figure out the work together."

Watch the video below from Fox News or watch it at this link.