MSNBC's Brian Williams jokes viewers can pick up OAN if they angle their tinfoil hats properly
MSNBC '11th Hour' anchor Brian Williams (screengrab)

MSNBC Brian Williams did his final commentary at the close of the show mocking the far-right television station OAN and the recent controversy the phone company AT&T is suffering from after Reuters revealed they funded the station.

OAN was has been the target of late-night comedians, John Oliver, The Lincoln Project and now Williams is adding his name to those calling out the absurdity of the channel.

"If you should stumble upon it on cable, you can also pick up their signal if you happen to angle your tinfoil hat just right," joked Williams. "You'll see it has the patina of respectability until someone starts talking. So, it didn't go over well with AT&T customers when they recently learned in an astonishing report by Reuters that AT&T helped to build OAN and continues to subsidize the network, as OAN as paid millions to AT&T to make it part of their dish network slate. The problem for AT&Tis they're losing customers over this."

He then rolled the video from the Lincoln Project to close the show.

See the video below:

tinfoil hats of oan