Brooklyn Center police throw flashbangs at kneeling protest crowd an hour before curfew
Brooklyn Center protests (Photo: Screen capture)

The Brooklyn Center, Minnesota police, sheriffs and national guard appear to be pushing back against protesters in the streets angry over another death at the hands of police. The protests have been largely peaceful, other than throwing water bottles at cops. Large fencing being set up and law enforcement, clad in full riot gear, with a police tank at the ready.

"You need to disperse and leave the area," police said over a loudspeaker an hour before the designated curfew. They said that the assembly is "unlawful" and are demanding that protesters and the media leave the scene.

It's the third night of unrest after police "accidentally" shot unarmed Daunte Wright. Pepper spray, flashbangs and a line of police surged forward toward into crowd of protesters, who carried umbrellas to protect themselves.

A soft blanket of snow fell, mixing with the smoke and anger in the crowd.

See a CNN report of the protests below:

Unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota