Reporter can't lift his camera after being shot with rubber bullet covering Brooklyn Center protests

Mark Vancleave, a video journalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, posted a shocking Twitter detailing the aftermath of being shot by police with less-than-lethal munitions while covering the protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

"On Monday night I was shot in the hand by a rubber bullet fired by police in Brooklyn Center while covering a protest. The impact broke my ring finger in two places requiring surgery. I won't be able to pick up my camera again for at least six weeks," Vancleave said.

He posted a gruesome photo of his shattered hand along with x-ray photos.

He also posted a video of his point of view as he recorded his shooting.

"On impact, I lost all feeling in my hand and was rushed to safety by my colleagues where my fingers were bandaged by a protest medic," he explained.

He said two of his colleagues at the newspaper drove him to the hospital where he underwent surgery.

"I'm recovering now and deeply grateful to all my friends and colleagues who've checked in on me this past week. And for the skilled and compassionate care I received at [North Memorial Hospital]," he said. "However, I remain deeply concerned for my fellow journalists working to fairly and accurately report on the crisis unfolding in our communities—particularly as Minnesota law enforcement continues to target journalists with force and disregard their constitutionally protected role."

"Our leaders must do better," Vancleave said.

Here is his thread: