Joe Manchin's boat

CNN's Jim Acosta called out Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) after he revealed he wouldn't support President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan that would give Americans the child tax credit, tech neutral energy tax incentives and control of drug prices, as Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) explained in his letter to his West Virginia colleague.

Speaking to CNN political analyst John Avlon, Acosta noted, "I do think that Joe Manchin did mislead a lot of people in his party for many many months," said Acosta. "And yes, he may represent a MAGA state now and so on but not everybody in West Virginia has a houseboat."

"Traditionally one of the things centrists tend to do is they look at what's actually popular as opposed to ideological wishlist items that maybe have a minority of support in America, and they try to bring folks together. And I think the White House has been negotiating in good faith with Manchin," Avlon agreed. "And I think Manchin — you want to take him at his word that he had been working with the president. But he pulled the plug the week before Christmas when so many of these items are not only popular but things that Manchin has supported in the past, things that would benefit his own constituents in West Virginia, things that would help the Democratic Party reach out to working-class voters who have suffered from the economic divide."

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Not everybody has a houseboat