GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sought the limelight on Thursday evening as he set the record for the most long-winded speech in the modern history of the House of Representatives.

"I don't know that this speech is going to make a difference," McCarthy said just after 3 a.m., The Washington Post reported.

The speech did not make a difference in blocking the bill, which passed 220-213 on Friday morning, but it may have given President Joe Biden a bigger political win, CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported.

"I think one thing we should note is that this is a bill that the White House was expecting would pass the House last night," Collins noted. "They thought this bill was going to pass about twelve hours ago, but then of course, Kevin McCarthy delivered that 8 1/2-hour speech. And so, actually, instead of this bill passing late at night, of course, when not a lot of people are paying attention, it's passing at 10:00 in the morning," Collins noted.

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"Good point," Jim Sciutto said.

"Of course, the White House was not thrilled with how that went, they wanted that vote to happen last night, but now potentially Kevin McCarthy in essence is giving the White House a win, you know, in broad daylight when more people are paying attention to what's happening on the House floor," Collins explained.

She also noted, "we likely will hear from President Biden on this because last night, if this passed about 10:00, they were going to issue a written statement from Biden. Now we will see him on camera before he leaves the White House for his own thanksgiving vacation to talk about this and to tout this, because — yes, they still have a very long road to go, we don't know what this bill will look like when it gets to the Senate — but this is a big step for the White House, months in the making."


Kevin McCarthy’s speech backfired — he gave Democrats a bigger win in broad daylight