Woman hurled racial abuse at Burger King worker because her Whopper's tomato was sliced too thick: police
Judith Black. (Sumter County Sheriff's Office)

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with felony battery after she threw a sandwich at a Burger King worker while pelting her with racial slurs.

The Smoking Gun reports that 77-year-old retiree Judith Black became unruly in her local Burger King after being served a Whopper with a tomato that was allegedly sliced too thick.

As shown by surveillance camera footage in the store, Black proceeded to angrily complain about the tomato's thickness to a female Burger King employee, who advised Black that she would have to calm down before her complaints would be addressed.

The employee then turned her back on the customer, who proceeded to hurl her Whopper at the employee while calling her a "Black b*tch."

Black then stormed out of the store and yelled the N-word at the restaurant workers as she left.

"When police later questioned Black about the Burger King incident, she reportedly admitted striking the worker with the Whopper, explaining that she was 'upset about the thickness of the tomato on her sandwich and confronted the victim at the counter," reports the Smoking Gun. "Cops say Black also admitted that she called the employee a 'stupid Black b*tch' and a 'Black n*gger," and declared, 'f*ck you Black n*ggers.'"