Caitlyn Jenner mocked for allegedly using floundering gubernatorial campaign to make money
Caitlyn Jenner (AFP Photo/Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez)

On Friday, writing for Jezebel, Harron Walker slammed Caitlyn Jenner over her GOP campaign for governor of California in the recall election — and suggested the whole thing has devolved into a stunt for her to make money.

"The Olympian-turned-[whatever she does now??????] tried to affirm her self-attested seriousness at a press conference in Venice on Thursday, which Politico notes was only her second since entering the race in April," wrote Walker. "But when reporters asked whether she'd pursued any reality TV or book deals in connection with her recent political pivot — basically if she's just doing this to further her entertainment career, as her recent jaunt to Australia to film an appearance on Big Brother VIP might suggest — she refused to answer."

Jenner, who has not broken out of single digits in polling, and whose campaign is in debt, has generally been unprepared for major questions throughout the race. She said that she doesn't want to "get into" whether Trump lost the 2020 election when asked, and couldn't explain hiring Trump associates tied to the January 6 Capitol riot.

However, noted Walker, she did at least try to follow up on the accusation her campaign was just a money-making venture.

"After the event, Jenner's team sent the following statement to the Associated Press: 'She has not pursued any money-making ventures in connection with the campaign,'" continued Walker. "Why didn't she simply say that at the time? Because 'it's not a question she was expecting.' Bad at doing things without tons of prior notice? Madame Governor... You have my vote....."

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