California recall proves running 'Covid candidates' is 'political suicide' for GOP: Joy Reid
Gavin Newsom on Facebook.

The California recall election results show that the GOP stance against pandemic safety measures is harming the Republican Party, MSNBC's Joy Reid opined on Wednesday.

Reid said that Republicans "love" Covid.

"But here's the thing, you weirdos, everyone else — everyone else hates Covid," Reid said. "It is ravaging classrooms and hospitals across the nation like in southern Illinois where zero ICU beds are available. Similar shortages are happening all over the south, including in Alabama where a man's family said he died after being turned away from 43 hospitals."

"You Republicans seem to be a-okay with Covid running wild. And then you came for California, trying to boot a Democratic governor from a blue state and hand it over to the Covid candidate," she said, playing a clip of Republican Larry Elder.

"It all helps to explain why Gov. Gavin Newsom beat the recall effort — and by a lot — winning support from more than 60% of the electorate. According to exit polls, the most important issue for voters was the coronavirus. And when asked about the governor's job on Covid, 65% said his policies were about right or not strict enough," she explained.

"It is perhaps the first real tangible proof that your creepy little covid-loving death cult ways are not going to work for you at the ballot box. In fact, it's political suicide and also apparently talk radio suicide because your Covid plan is killing your right-wing hosts," she noted.


Joy Reid

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author of this story worked on political campaigns for Gavin Newsom when he was a San Francisco supervisor.