WATCH: Canadian MAGA pastor arrested the second he lands back home

A video posted to Twitter shows controversial conservative Pastor Artur Pawlowski being arrested Monday at the airport in Calgary. He spent four months in the United States speaking to conservative media and spreading lies about the COVID-19 vaccine in speeches, reported Canadian Global News.

"Artur's lawyer Sarah Miller confirmed her client was taken into custody and charged with contempt of court for an alleged offense on June 5. She said she did not have details about the alleged incident," said the report.

Both Mr. Pawlowski and his brother were arrested after holding an illegal gathering in May and they were both found guilty in June.

"At a sentencing hearing earlier this month, Alberta Health Services asked that Artur be jailed for 21 days and Dawid be sentenced to 10 days. The court was asked to fine Artur $2,000 and impose $15,000 in costs," said the report.

See the video below: