Canadians panicked Americans will 'mass at the border' to escape Trump's return to power: foreign policy expert
Gage Skidmore.

Fiona Hill, the former National Security Council expert and adviser to Donald Trump, addressed the international community's fear about what's happening in the United States.

One headline cited says that the next election will determine whether "the U.S. is hurtling toward autocracy" and if Canada should intervene. Other headlines show that the international community is fearful America could fall "off the cliff" in 2022 and gave a guide on how Canadians can hold on while sharing a concerning border to the south.

"They're not alone," said Hill. "Look, there is consternation across Europe at the moment. If you think about the role of the United States and the post-World War II world and in the post-Cold War world, we have been the bastion of democracy, and our bread and butter has been democracy promotion. Many of the institutions that Europeans have interacted with over the long sleep of the last 70 years, the last 30 years have been the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute. our parties have been standing for the strengthening of democratic institutions in Europe, and around the world."

She cited Fox host Tucker Carlson, who did a week-long show in Hungary, a country aiming to be the epicenter for the global right-wing movement.

"They're looking at everything you've just laid out in the previous segments, millions of Americans believing in a big lie that Joe Biden was not elected in 2020," Hill continued. "And they're completely taken aback by what Congressman [Colin] Allred (D-TX) and you were talking about earlier, at the state and local government level, we're seeing the subversion of democracy. People saw an incredible strength in the kind of local and state commitments of the U.S. federal system toward democracies. They felt that even if there might be problems at the national level, you saw people committed in their communities to upholding the democratic institutions. It was what we were exporting abroad and now we're exporting not just the chaos that the a Canadians are worried about. We were joking about how many millions of Americans are going to be lined up at the border kind of coming in in 2024, for example. That's not just a funny prospect at all. But people are seriously worried about what is happening to the United States."

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