Candace Owens shredded after racist rant justifying white supremacy: 'Just say you hate being Black'

Conservative activist Candace Owens went on a bizarre racist rant about other people of color she hates, implying that somehow white supremacy is justified.

After their September feud, Cardi B has risen above the Candace Owens attacks, ignoring her entirely. Last year, Cardi B noted that Owens has been obsessed with her since 2018.

Lil Nas, however, shot back at her for attacking his shoe line, which is benefitting from millions in free advertising from the right-wing.

The controversy had an adverse impact, with many saying the right-wing freakout made them want to buy Nas' new shoe line.

A few people accused her of being a self-hating African American desperate to change her color.

Another suggested that Owens' low ratings are the reason she's "punching up" and trying to pick fights with famous people:

See other comments and attacks on Owens below: