Candace Owens asks conservatives to go easy on Trump: He's too 'old' to do 'independent research' on vaccines
Right-wing pundit Candace Owens testifies before Congress' "white nationalism" hearing. Image via screengrab.

Right-wing media personality Candace Owens on Thursday urged supporters of former President Donald Trump to go easy on him for promoting COVID-19 vaccines.

In a video Owens posted on social media, she explained that Trump was an "old" person who came from a generation where people believed the advice of medical professionals.

"People oftentimes forget that, like, how old Trump is," she said. "He comes from a generation -- I've seen a lot of people who are older, have the exact same perspective, like, they came from a time before TV, before internet, before being able to conduct independent research. And everything they read to them that was in a newspaper that was pitched to them, they believed that that was a reality."

In fact, Trump has lived with television for his entire life and also became famous throughout his presidency for telling followers not to believe things they read in newspapers.

Owens went on to explain that Trump's trust in vaccinations was why he wasn't paying attention to all the videos posted on right-wing website Rumble that document purported instances of vaccine "injury."

Watch the video below.