MAGA rioter denied responsibility for breaking into Capitol -- and pointed the finger at Antifa instead: feds

Law & Crime reported Thursday that one of the Jan. 6 attackers on trial for breaking into the Capitol explained that it wasn't so much breaking into the Capitol as "breaking into the Capitol," with air quotes.

Alleged MAGA rioter Mick Chan told the court this week that he "called the FBI because he believed the Trump rally [at the Ellipse] was infiltrated and the breach of the Capitol was carried out by members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter."

Thus far no BLM or Antifa protesters have been arrested or indicted. Those who have bragged about participating in the insurrection and posted on their social media channels appear to have also been avid supporters of Donald Trump, according to many of the case file documents provided by the Justice Department and the FBI.

"Chan believed Antifa and BLM counter-protesters were masquerading as Trump supporters and noticed that there were people with camouflage backpacks who looked like members of the Oath Keepers but did not have Oath Keepers insignia," the indictment says.

The problem, however, is that it was a friend of Mick Chan's who turned him in along with his female friend and her mother. The person took screenshots of the Facebook posts.

That friend, "Person 1," was contacted, and admitted to being around the Capitol but not entering the building. One of Person 1's posts tagged Chan from Virginia. Another post from her that didn't tag Chan showed her position at the Ellipse on Jan. 6.

"CHAN told the FBI that he 'broke into, well, air quotes, broke into' the Capitol," the case files explain. "CHAN clarified that others had already forcefully breached the Capitol before he entered. CHAN saw a camera inside a doorway, which led to a staircase. CHAN noticed that about eight to ten police officers were at the doorway, attempting to lock it down. He claimed he left the area after a rioter attempted to rally others to break through the line of officers because he did not want to take part in any confrontation. CHAN walked around the Rotunda for about 15 minutes, taking pictures. CHAN saw people affected by tear gas and a line of police officers, and he heard some rioters say they had come from the Senate, where there were police officers with guns. CHAN estimated that he was inside the Capitol for about 30 minutes until being forced to leave. Most of the rioters were compliant with police officers' directions but some pushed and yelled obscenities. CHAN did not witness any violence but did hear rioters say things like, 'we backed the blue but next time we're coming with guns.'"

Chan ultimately told the FBI that because he didn't see any BLM or Antifa protesters that they then must be in disguise dressed as Trump supporters. Some of those planning to do a counter-protest on Jan. 6 decided not to go after hearing that there might be violence at the Capitol, Scott Dworkin said during a panel discussion.

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