Another Capitol attacker blames Trump in court for 'egging on' the insurrection
Photo: AFP

Another attacker of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is blaming former President Donald Trump for the reason that he was there.

In court, Ethan Nordean, a 30-year-old bodybuilder known in the right-wing world as Rufio Panman, said that Trump "egged on" those that were present into attacking the Capitol, noted Scott MacFarlane in a screen capture of the documents.

Nordean is being charged with four federal criminal counts in the District of Columbia, said The Seattle Times, including obstructing an official proceeding, aiding and abetting injury to government property, disorderly conduct and knowingly and violently entering a restricted building, according to a criminal complaint."

The documents charging Nordean note that he refers to himself as the "Sergeant of Arms" of the Seattle Proud Boys.

Trump's lawyers are working to convince Republicans that the former president not only didn't "egg" them on but that he bears no responsibility for the Capitol attack because of the First Amendment.