Capitol attacker of Officer Brian Sicknick will stay in jail: judge

One of the men charged with attacking Officer Brian Sicknick during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack will not be allowed release on bail.

While many of those charged with crimes related to the insurrection have been allowed bail, BuzzFeed reported Monday that George Tanios will not be one of them.

Tanios is one of two men charged with conspiring to assault the police during the attack, the report explained. Julian Khater is the other man linked specifically to the attack on Sicknick and two other officers during the attack. There is still not a full explanation about the way in which the officer was killed

Khater is also accused of using chemical spray on Capitol police, he coordinated with Tanios to bring the spray to the Capitol, the report said.

"Sicknick's death was barely mentioned during Monday's detention hearing. Assistant US Attorney Sarah Wagner didn't bring it up as part of her arguments to keep Tanios in jail," said BuzzFeed. "One of the only references to the officer's death was when Tanios's lawyer L. Richard Walker asked an FBI agent involved in the investigation if he'd interviewed the three officers that Tanios and Khater are charged with conspiring to assault. After a brief pause, the agent replied that he'd only interviewed two of them because one was 'deceased.'"

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