Detention document of Jan. 6 attacker uncovers 'sleeper conspiracies': legal analyst
Photo: AFP

A detention memo is revealing startling details about those linked to Capitol attacker Marshall Neefe that include "a mix of fascist-curious, QAnon and guns," said legal analyst Marcy Wheeler.

The court documents outline Neefe's "history of extremist views and violent rhetoric," which led the court to consider making a “forward-looking determination about the serious risk."

Neefe expressed a desire for "civil war to settle political differences" and made statements about "committing violence against those he feels are pitted against him."

In a Nov. 4, 2020, conversation with someone named Brad Smith, Neefe expressed his heartbreak over Donald Trump's election loss.

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“We all deep down knew this was how the election was going to go. Now if Trump wins the riots will be 50 times worse," said Smith.

Neefe replied, “Hope it burns either way.”

"Me to (sic)," Smith said. "This country needs to split up immediately."

“Why shouldnt we be the ones to kick it off?” Neefe replied.

The court documents note that on Nov. 6, 2020, a friend messaged Neefe asking, “Is Biden really going to win? How is the only question.”

Neefe told the person, “at this point it doesn’t matter who wins to me. Brad and I predict this goes go supreme (sic) court and trump (sic) gets the win, then the country goes to war. All jokes aside damned if we do damned if we don’t. This place is about to burn and we are getting a survival/escape plan together. Hence the maps.”

On Dec. 1, 2020, Smith told Neffe, “This wouldn't be happening if Germany won. I’m real close to liking full blown fascism. Fascism is one of the most lied about political ideologies ever and if you look it up it'll give you like 6 completely different definitions but we all know what it is. Its culture, heritage, family history, tradition. And Nobody hates a Communist more than a fascist lol.”

Neefe replied, “Id (sic) rather be a racist, fascist hate monger than a liar 🤷🤷.”

Smith told him, “If this is what winning the war means then I’m a fascist.”

Neefe replied, “Hell id (sic)rather be a ni**er than a commie . . . These sick fucks really do need to start getting turned into mist.”

On Dec. 12, 2020, he posted a photo of an outdoor setting saying, "Out here lynchin that ni**er uncle ben as we speak."

Another user responded: "What tree you using?"

Neefe replied, "Rope on my bumper works wonders."

In another conversation about Sen. Mitch McConnell, Neffe claimed the Kentucky Republican needed "a bullet in the head."

"As reported in the FBI’s summary of that interview, Neefe said he was heavily influenced by QAnon conspiracy theories and that he and Smith discussed plans to travel to Washington within a month of Jan. 6, 2021," the document continues. "He admitted making a wooden club with an American flag stapled to it to take to Washington to serve as a barrier between himself and 'possible Antifa.'"

His conspiracies continue through the 29-page document.

You can read it here.