Capitol attacker whines in court documents he lost his TSA-precheck after indictment
Rioters January 6, 2021 (Screen Grab)

The life of one man has changed a lot after he was arrested for his actions at the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. electoral process at the Capitol. In fact, according to one court filing, his life seems like it's over.

He's lost clients and investment partnerships, he was banned from working at Lyft and from Airbnb, he has endured "harassment" from the internet, but he's being mocked the most for complaining that he lost his TSA-precheck pass due to the arrest.

It's unclear how many Lyft drivers have been banned but at least one email about it has been emailed and posted on the site Parler.

TSA makes it clear on their website that Americans can be removed or suspended from the service "if you commit certain violations of federal security regulations, such as refusal to wear a mask in U.S. transportation systems covered by the January 31, 2021 Security Directive and subsequent amendments, assault, threat, intimidation, or interference with flight crew, physical or sexual assault or threat of physical or sexual assault of any individual on an aircraft, interference with security operations, access control violations, providing false or fraudulent documents, making a bomb threat, or bringing a firearm, explosive, or other prohibited item to an airport or onboard an aircraft, you are denied expedited screening for a period of time."

He was ridiculed heavily for the complaint.