Indictments of Capitol attackers indicate Proud Boys may have been preparing for a second wave

Legal analyst Marcy Wheeler noted in her recent piece that the Proud Boys were more coordinated than the National Guard seemed to be during the Jan. 6 attack. But it was a nugget in her piece that revealed previously unknown factors at play in the siege on the Capitol.

According to the most recent Oath Keepers indictment, Wheeler explained that phone calls and Telegram messages appeared to indicate the militias present were preparing for a second wave to hit the U.S. Capitol.

"Two minutes after [Charles] Donohoe announced the Proud Boy plan to regroup, at 3:40, Oath Keeper Joshua James called Person Ten — who was doing much of the coordination for the Oath Keepers that day — and had a 3 minute, 4-second phone call, their second-longest call described in the indictment," wrote Wheeler.

There was another call between Roberto Minuta and Rhodes after 4 p.m., for less than a minute. Thomas Caldwell's detention motion cited the Oath Keepers' operational channel in which a user said, "Fight the good fight. Stand your ground."

Wheeler noted that it seems they were preparing for round two on the assault against the Capitol.

The detention memo for Donohoe said:

Donohoe's intent to create mayhem and disrupt the proceedings at the Capitol continued well after the initial breach into the restricted grounds and up to the west terrace. Indeed, at 3:38 p.m., more than an hour after Pezzola and others had broken into the building, Donohoe indicated that he had left the Capitol grounds, but then announced over Telegram, "We are regrouping with a second force." That plan appears to have been short-lived, as Donohoe subsequently advised the group that the National Guard and "DHS agents" were "incoming."

It was 2:38 p.m. that President Donald Trump tweeted that he wanted his supporters to be kind to Capitol Police officers, saying "They are truly on the side of our Country." By 3:13 p.m. Trump again tweeted that his supporters were the party of "law and order." It was an hour later, at 4:17 p.m. that Trump tweeted out the video telling his fans how "special" they are and asking them to "go home."

There was a surge from those who were already inside the Capitol, however, Donohoe at some point told the channel that National Guard and "DHS" were on their way.

Read the full report from Marcy Wheeler.