Bomb suspect shared Donald Trump Jr. video one day before threatening the US Capitol
Donald Trump Jr. (Photo: Screen capture)

Before the Capitol Hill bomb suspect took off to drive to Washington, D.C., he shared a video from former President Donald Trump's eldest son.

According to screen captures from Heavy, Floyd Ray Roseberry's Facebook page trashed President Joe Biden and criticized the withdrawal in Afghanistan.

"The American people will take care of the Talaban (sic) after we take care of ours," he wrote the day prior to arriving in Washington.

Heavy also captured that Roseberry wrote about the "mega million man march," and accused Biden of having "all those dead people...on your hands."

He also bragged about buying a trench coat the day before, showing a photo of his pickup truck and his cowboy hat.

Rosenberry has also criticized Greta Thunberg, and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D).

See the screen capture below: