Capitol riot committee unable to serve its subpoena to Trump's former social media director: report
Dan Scavino (

On Tuesday, CNN's Ryan Nobles reported that the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has been unable to serve a subpoena to former President Donald Trump's longtime social media director, Dan Scavino.

"We have learned through multiple sources connected to the January 6th select committee, that they have been unable to formally serve Scavino with the subpoena," said Nobles. "Now, this is important because the select committee has set as a deadline for the response for the first round of the subpoena request which is a document request by Thursday at midnight. But yet, they've still been unable to formally serve him with the subpoena. Of course, that subpoena also includes an in-person deposition which is scheduled for next week."

"This, obviously, complicates an already-complicated process," said Nobles. "The committee was already bracing for what they expected to be a lengthy legal challenge in the compliance of these subpoenas. But the fact that they haven't been able to even serve Scavino creates a real barrier because they can't even begin that process. So, this is a setback for the committee right now as they can't even find Scavino right now to serve him with that subpoena."

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Ryan Nobles on Dan Scavino subpoena