Trump slammed for ‘insincere’ and ‘belated’ statement against violence – and for all the things he didn’t say
President Trump. (AFP)

President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon issued a very short statement against any violence barely one hour before the House of Representatives will vote to impeach him, for a second time. But he was immediately criticized for what he did not say in his remarks.

"He does not tell the militias and other armed protestors not to come to DC," tweeted former Special Counsel to the Dept. of Defense Ryan Goodman. "He does not do anything to counteract The Big Lie (that the election was stolen) which remains the key mobilizing myth that's propelling the political violence."

"If the man had any interest at all in easing tensions and calming tempers," tweeted Will Wilkinson, a contributing NY Times opinion writer and a think tank VP, "he'd hold a televised press conference conceding the election, communicating that there was no evidence of fraud, that Biden will legitimately take office on the 20th, and there's no reason to protest it."

He continued:

But it was historian Michael Beschloss who truly excoriated President Trump: