Oregon GOP comes up with a ridiculous excuse for the US Capitol attack
(Screen grab via BBC News)

The Oregon Republican Party insists there is "growing evidence" to support their baseless opinion that the U.S. Capitol riot was a "false flag" operation.

According to The Guardian, the resolution, published on Jan. 19, suggests that the U.S. Capitol breach was more of "an orchestrated conspiracy 'designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters, and all conservative Republicans'" as opposed to a horrific act of violence committed by a mob of angry Trump supporters.

To support the seemingly baseless claims, the resolution referenced articles written by a number of right-wing news outlets, including Epoch Times, described as a "pro-Trump outlet that has frequently published rightwing misinformation."

In a Facebook video also posted on Jan. 19, Oregon Republican Party chairman, Bill Currier, detailed the political party's stance on the deadly U.S. Capitol riots.

"We are encouraging and working with the others through a patriot network of RNC members, the national level elected officials from each state, to coordinate our activities and to coordinate our messaging," Currier said.

He added, "We're partway in the door of socialism and Marxism right now… and we have to fight. People can decide what they want to believe and what they want to do, but there are people standing up and there are people sitting down."

Despite live footage, photos, and even Trump supporters live streaming themselves as they stormed the U.S. Capitol, Currier still insists the former president's supporters were not responsible for the deadly riots. Currier's remarks come as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues its investigation into the insurrection.

As of Tuesday, Jan. 26, more than 100 people have been arrested for their participation in the Capitol riots. The U.S. Department of Justice has released a full list of those arrested.