Texas man threw firecracker at police during Capitol riot: FBI

David Lee Judd become the 20th Capitol rioter arrested by the Dallas branch of the FBI alone Friday. And the charges against him are among the most severe.

Judd, 34, from the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, is charged under federal statutes that make it a crime to "obstruct, impede, or interfere with law enforcement officers during the commission of a civil disorder" and that prohibit "forcibly assaulting police and using a deadly or dangerous weapon."

The FBI charging document accused Judd not only of hurling the firecracker at law enforcement officers, but also of actively participating in the insurrectionists' push to break through a tunnel to the Capitol building. Judd, described as "a white male with curly blonde hair wearing a red "Make America Great Again" baseball hat backwards, a black hoodie and a grey vest," was part of a group pushing against officers, the FBI complaint says.

Judd can also be seen yelling "shield wall" as he pumps his fist in the air (in a YouTube video) and helps pass shields to other rioters, the FBI alleged. Then the complaint gets colorful:

"Moments later Judd can be seen on the surveillance footage walking into the tunnel. He then lights an object on fire and throws it at the line of law enforcement officers… an unidentified member of the crowd (who can be seen standing next to Judd in surveillance video when he throws the item) can be heard yelling: "You going to do that and run away! What the fuck." When asked what the individual did, the unidentified member of the crowd states: "He threw a firecracker, a big giant, what the ...."

Though apparently not popular with all fellow rioters, Judd certainly did more than his share to pitch in, according to the complaint: "Judd can be seen chanting with the crowd, encouraging people to enter the tunnel, and assisting the rioters exiting the tunnel wash the OC spray from their faces with water…Judd can be seen lifting an American flag in the air triumphantly moments after another rioter throws a long projectile at officers."

The complaint also provided an opportunity to hear from Judd in his words, courtesy of an ad he had placed looking for a ride to the Capitol:

"Y'all ready to be apart (sic) of History??? My name is Judd!! I worked for the president this year in Maine. I'm a Texas Patriot and Amercian (sic) First Supporter. If anyone has an extra spot for the ride there and place to say, I HAVE MY LICENSE TO CARRY A FIREARM, I am a professional driver and can help with driving and funds too!! Let's fight to Save this Country and Support the greatest President."

You can read the full FBI complaint here.