MAGA rioter arrested for 'whacking' police with a flagpole -- after being identified by another suspect

The FBI today arrested an Alabama man who agents say that learned about on July 21 while interrogating another riot suspect-- one who said they had known him before January 6.

Gregory Lamar Nix, 52, of Cleveland, is charged with engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon, among other charges.

The FBI report stated that "Nix is observed physically assaulting an (a Capitol officer) with the white flagpole Nix had in his possession. Nix is observed whacking Victim 1 with the white flagpole and thrusting and throwing the flagpole at Victim 1. Based on my review of the video, I believe Nix attempted to physically assault Victim 1 using the flagpole on seven occasions (and hitting him twice.")

The officer "stated that the flagpole had struck him on the head during one of these assaults, and that, the next day, he had a knot on his head as a result," the FBI stated. Nix is also shown wielding a black baton not matching the specifications of Capitol Police, which "may be Nix's person baton," the report said.

Nix was also seen on video attempting to "to breach a door of the Capitol by banging the end of the flagpole repeatedly against it and its glass panes, the FBI stated.

The FBI agent offered a disclaimer about the late-arriving identification of Nix by the person identified as "Suspect 1," saying that while he could not attest to the suspect's credibility, the identification of Nix was confirmed by cellphone records and photos and videos.

You can read the FBI complaint here.