FBI takes custody of noose from MAGA riot gallows: report
The gallows set up by the Capitol rioters (Screengrab).

On Tuesday, NBC4's Scott MacFarlane, the chief reporter covering the trials of the January 6 Capitol insurrectionists, reported that the FBI has taken custody of the noose from the makeshift gallows set up outside the Capitol during the MAGA riots.

As the gallows was put out, some of the rioters chanted "Hang Mike Pence." The former vice president, as with most officials, had to be evacuated promptly.

An earlier report in April detailed the planning that went into these shows of force, with people on the message board TheDonald.win, debating whether to bring gallows or guillotines to erect outside of the Capitol.

MacFarlane's report comes amid news of ongoing prosecution of several of the rioters, with Thomas Sibick of Buffalo — accused of stealing the badge and radio from D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone — facing a hearing over pre-trial detention on Tuesday.