'Cowboys for Trump' founder offered plea deal for invading the Capitol: report

On Monday, The Detroit News reported that federal prosecutors have offered a confidential Capitol riot plea agreement to Couy Griffin, a commissioner of Otero County, New Mexico and the founder of "Cowboys for Trump."

"The county commissioner from New Mexico still denies federal charges that he knowingly entering barricaded areas of the Capitol grounds with the intent of disrupting government as Congress considered the 2020 Electoral College results," said the report. "Griffin reached an outside terrace of the Capitol without entering the building and used a bullhorn to try to lead a tumultuous crowd in prayer. He was arrested after his return to Washington to oppose President Joe Biden's inauguration."

Griffin has reportedly been one of the more difficult Capitol riot suspects in jail, having to be put in isolation after he refused to take a COVID-19 test.

A federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump rejected an argument from Griffin that his prosecution was retaliation for his political beliefs, allowing the trial to move forward.

In addition to the Capitol riot case, the report noted, "Griffin faces a petition drive to recall him from office with a special election and a probe by state prosecutors of allegations that Griffin used his public office in coordination with Cowboys for Trump for personal financial gain."