Former FBI official demolishes far-right propaganda that MAGA rioters are 'political prisoners'

On CNN Tuesday, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discussed the so-called "Justice for J6" rally intended to support the Capitol rioters — and why the central premise that the rioters are "political prisoners" is wrong.

In an interview with host Jim Acosta, McCabe was asked why so many Trump supporters have started referring to the imprisoned Capitol rioters as "political prisoners" without discussing the very real crimes they've been charged with committing.

"Jim, I think they're gravitating towards that sort of language because it appeals to their audience," replied McCabe. "The hard-right supporters, people like that, are going to — those sorts of claims ring with that crowd. But the fact is it is completely untrue."

He then went on to explain why it is flat-out incorrect to call the rioters political prisoners.

"The simple fact that you have political beliefs and find yourself in jail doesn't mean you are a political prisoner," continued McCabe. "All those folks arrested and those detained as a result of their involvement on January 6th are detained because a judge or grand jury determined there is probable cause to believe they committed a crime, and in many cases violent crimes. They're in jail, and they're in the situation they're in, because they likely violated federal criminal law."

Watch below:

Andrew McCabe debunks claim Capitol rioters are "political prisoners"