Capitol rioter armed with mace and a boot knife arrested for attacking police
Insurrection on January 6th at US Capitol (Screen Grab)

Kevin Douglas Creek was arrested today by the FBI, which stated it has video evidence showing him kicking and striking police officers outside the Capitol Building.

Creek, of Alpharetta, GA, admitted to the FBI that he came to the Capitol with mace and a boot knife. He faces a series of charges that include physical violence and assault on officers defending the Capitol

The FBI report states that Creek confirmed his identity and apparel when shown videos and photos of him outside the Capitol, but he claimed he "did not remember assaulting any officer." But in the same interview, the FBI states, "Creek described in great detail where he went that day and drew on a map where he was standing on the U.S. Capitol grounds."

The complaint also stated, "Creek's drawing matches where the body camera footage captured (the) assaults. Creek admitted he was armed with mace and a boot knife while at the U.S. Capitol." And there was this:

"When asked if Creek regretted his conduct on January 6th, he responded: "50/50."

In addition to Creek's own words, the FBI received information

"A complainant reported to the FBI that on January 9 or 10 an individual named Kevin Creek made comments while visiting Northside Forsyth Hospital about his involvement at the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6. Creek disclosed that he was tear gassed at the Capitol.

"Creek discussed running up the stairs of the Capitol building and attempting to get inside. Creek talked about having trouble at the door he ran to because the police were gassing individuals at his door. Creek also mentioned he was bruised from his activity at the Capitol and admitted to a long car ride to get to DC. Creek made general comments regarding always being armed but did not directly say whether he was armed at the Capitol. During a follow up interview, the complainant said Creek mentioned he was gassed before in the military where he never experienced the types of effects he was experiencing this time."

You can read the FBI complaint here.