MAGA rioter's lawyer flails in court after judge gets him to admit his client swung around Capitol cops' riot shield

A lawyer representing alleged MAGA rioter Edward Jacob Lang struggled in court after a judge got him to admit that his client was caught on camera swinging around a riot shield taken from Capitol Police.

As reported by NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane, Lang's attorney tried to argue on Monday that his client was actually trying to stop the chaos at the Capitol, despite the fact that he has been charged with swinging a bat and a riot shield at Capitol Police officers, and also repeatedly kicking Capitol cops.

"This is about him jumping into a chaotic situation and doing what he can," the attorney argued, according to MacFarlane.

The judge overseeing the case seemed skeptical of this, however.

"Do you contest there is evidence that there's video showing Mr. Lang swinging a riot shield?" the judge asked him.

"I don't contest that," the attorney admitted.

"Do you contest there's... evidence of Mr. Lang kicking an officer on the ground?" the judge then asked.

"We're still looking into that," the attorney replied.

According to MacFarlane, the lawyer then pivoted to arguing that the situation would have been worse if someone other than Lang were swinging around riot shields and bats. The lawyer also said that Lang "picked up a police officer from the ground and that others in crowd were not happy about it."

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