Reporter lists the 'can't miss' Capitol rioter cases that 'I’ve circled on my calendar'

NBC 4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane on Tuesday posted a new video in which he discussed the upcoming cases involving pro-Trump Capitol rioters that he believes are "can't miss."

MacFarlane started out by noting how difficult it can be to keep track of all the MAGA rioter cases, as hundreds of people so far have been arrested for breaching the Capitol and temporarily halting the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

"There's a small subset of cases that I've circled on my calendar... because they are not to be missed," he continued.

MacFarlane then explained that he's particularly looking at the MAGA rioters who have decided to represent themselves in court because those hearings can be "the least predictable" of all.

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He brought up the specific example of Minnesota MAGA rioter Brian Mock, who pleaded not guilty to assaulting Capitol Police officers and who allegedly threatened a fellow Trump supporter who went with him to the Capitol because he feared she might rat him out to the FBI.

"He's representing himself and filed a 43-page handwritten motion recently to get his indictment dismissed," MacFarlane said. "Among the things he argues is that the police were unprepared and that they used excessive force that day."

However, MacFarlane argues that such arguments would be best used during his trial -- and that they were not going to convince any court to flat-out throw away his indictment.

Check out some more cases MacFarlane is watching in the video below.