Witnesses called Capitol rioter a 'complete wacko' -- now his lawyer wants to be removed from the case

The lawyer for a Texas man who allegedly sprayed officers with pepper spray while rioting at the U.S. Capitol want to withdraw from the case, WUSA reports.

Daniel Caldwell's attorney, John Hunter Smith, filed a motion Thursday to removed as Caldwell's attorney. Caldwell was indicted in March on seven counts, including assaulting police with a dangerous weapon and engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds. Video shows Caldwell pepper spraying officers who were trying to hold back the mob that day on the Capitol steps.

"We have discussed various courses of action associated with his case," Smith wrote in his motion Thursday. "Counsel and the defendant respectfully have a philosophical disagreement on the direction of his case."

Smith also said that Caldwell's family had run out of money and can no longer afford legal representation.

According to witness statements to the FBI, Caldwell is a "huge white supremacist" and a "complete wacko" who repeatedly brought real firearms to an airsoft course he used to frequent.