DOJ is 'ending this week with a bang' in prosecuting MAGA rioters: reporter

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," NBC4 reporter Scott MacFarlane, who has been extensively covering charges against the Capitol rioters, broke down the significance of new developments for anchor Nicolle Wallace.

"The Justice Department's really ending the week with a bang, two big plea deals," said MacFarlane. "Let me talk about Scott Fairlamb first. He is accused of assaulting D.C. police. Body camera shown in his court case offers compelling images of the alleged assault. Fairlamb's going to plead guilty to assault, being the first defendant to do so. He'll face about four years federal prison time when he is sentenced next month."

MacFarlane said that Fairlamb's plea could be a template that could encourage other MAGA rioters to strike deals.

"Did they see it as a good deal or a bad deal? Do they jump to plea agreements as well or do they run away from plea deals? We will find out," he said.

MacFarlane then broke down the guilty plea of MAGA rioter Robert Reeder.

"He is pleading guilty to the misdemeanor we've seen so many others plea to so far: unlawful picketing and parading," he said. "Before his case, everybody that pleaded guilty has avoided prison, but today the feds recommended two months prison time for him for a few reasons. They said he seemed proud of what he did January 6th, even after the insurrection, and it seems like the feds have had enough, Nicolle. They said in their sentencing memo there has to be a message of deterrence to prevent future mobs and future insurrections."

Watch below: