MAGA rioter Jenna Ryan on Thursday lashed out at the media after she received a 60 day prison sentence after boasting earlier this year that she was "definitely not" going to jail.

During an interview with WUSA 9's Eric Flack, Ryan said that she was "remorseful" for illegally entering the Capitol building during the riots, and then proceeded to blame the media for her jail sentence.

"I'm disappointed that I'm being used as an example in my incarceration," she said. "Because I'm a public person and I have a... Twitter account, I'm being punished for that. Because the media was doing what y'all are doing right now, I'm being punished for this! And it's actually causing my incarceration and I think that is a travesty!"

Although Ryan says she was only in the Capitol building for two minutes, prosecutors during her hearing played a video that she made of herself cheering on the violent demonstrators while pledging to storm the Capitol.

"We are going to f*cking go in here," Ryan said. "Life or death, it doesn't matter. Here we go."

Prosecutors also cited her tweet from earlier this year boasting that she would avoid jail time as a reason to give her a prison sentence.

Watch the video below.

'A travesty!' MAGA rioter lashes out at the media after getting hit with prison sentence