Capitol rioter wearing 'Camp Auschwitz' shirt feels 'very mad' when people assume he's a Nazi: attorney
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A rioter who stormed the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021 while wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" shirt now says that he is not a Nazi -- and is offended that anyone would think otherwise.

NBC News' Ryan Reilly reports that Stephen Brennwald, the attorney representing Capitol rioter Robert Packer, told the court on Thursday that it be a mistake to assume that his client adheres to white supremacist beliefs, even though he wore white supremacist paraphernalia and even though FBI agents found swastika-themed artwork and pictures of Hitler and assorted Nazis when the searched his home after the riots.

"He was very mad when people were calling him a white supremacist," said the attorney, who also added that Packer wanted "to sue Nancy Pelosi when she made some statement on the House floor about him being a white supremacist."

Brennwald then told the court that his "Camp Auschwitz" shirt should have no bearing on his sentencing, even though he acknowledged that the shirt was "offensive."

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However, Assistant U.S. Attorney Mona Furst argued that the shirt should come into play in the sentencing decision, especially since the shirt he was wearing underneath it during the riots was a shirt featuring the logo of the Schutzstaffel, the Nazi paramilitary organization better known as the S.S.

"His words on his clothing showed you his intent," argued Furst, who also told the court that Packer "has not expressed any remorse" for his actions.

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