New court documents paint a 'dark picture' of MAGA rioters' violent fixation on Nancy Pelosi: reporter

NBC 4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane on Monday said that recent court documents surrounding Capitol rioter cases are painting an "increasingly dark picture" of many rioters' violent fixation on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

MacFarlane points to a newly unsealed superseding indictment of one Capitol rioter whom prosecutors say openly bragged about being "the first to sit in Nancy Pelosi's chair" after breaking into the Capitol building, while also declaring Pelosi a "traitor."

Another rioter who is scheduled to have a plea hearing, this week, was allegedly caught on video saying that they were "looking for Nancy to shoot her in the frigging brain."

He also pointed to MAGA rioter Pauline Bauer, who was caught on camera in the Capitol saying, "This is where we find Nancy Pelosi, bring that f*cking b*tch out here now."

Other court documents show accused MAGA rioters seemingly ratting out fellow rioters for saying they wanted to defecate on Pelosi's desk.

Watch MacFarlane's latest video below.