Conservative slams new GOP lawmaker's 'farcical' defense of challenge to election results
Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Friday, incoming Rep. Carlos Giminez (R-FL) refused to commit to accepting the results of the Electoral College, claiming that he will "sit as a juror" in the proceedings and "listen to the evidence" about whether there were election irregularities.

Conservative strategist Bill Kristol, speaking on CNN a few hours later, was appalled at Giminez's response.

"He is not a juror," said Kristol. "We don't have jurors to judge our votes. We vote. And the votes are counted and the electors vote according to voters in each state. He is not going to see any evidence. It is ludicrous and farcical, that statement, and of course it is a cover for pandering to the president for being loyal to the president, pandering to him, and to many of his voters and supporters who he helped convince there was terrible fraud and this is some way to overcome it."

"Think about the statement made by an elected official who's going to swear an oath to the Constitution, who thinks he's supposed to be a juror? Of what?" said Kristol. "There've been 60 court cases. So the judges have decided. They're supposed to ratify the vote of the people."

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