'Unheard-of astronomical' scene as the death toll from Tennessee floods climbs

A torrential downpour over the course of a single day has decimated central Tennessee. Thus far 22 people have been declared dead and dozens of others are still missing. The flash floods poured from the sky delivering the area's biggest rainfall in a 24-hour period in history, reported The Tennesseean.

This disaster adds to growing fires, crushing drought and oppressive heat as Hurricane Henri bears down on New England. The storm came from the northwest and moved southeast across the area, growing in strength over the area.

"Between 8 and 15 inches of rain fell across Houston, Humphreys, Dickson and Hickman counties, according to the National Weather Service," the report cited. "In McEwen, located in Humphreys County, 14.5 inches of rain fell over 12 hours, according to the Tennessee Valley Authority. Local totals may approach 17 inches as more reports come in."

The Miami Herald reported that musician Loretta Lynn was safe after her ranch was caught in the flooding but her foreman is still missing.

"An unheard-of, astronomical type of statistic," characterized Krissy Hurley, warning coordination meteorologist for NWS Nashville.

It was just four months ago that Nashville experienced heavy flooding when the area had more than seven inches of rain in 48 hours. This flood was more than twice the rain in half the time.

To help those in need you can donate locally to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Nashville's Community Resource Center updated its Amazon wish list, or the Humane Society of Tennessee.

See the shocking videos and photos below:

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