Racist arrested after shooting up Memphis McDonald's and almost killing the manager: report

Police in Memphis have arrested a man for allegedly shooting at a McDonald's employee at the drive-thru window, WREG-TV reports.

Charles Connors, 61, allegedly arrived at the drive-thru menu sign and was told that it was shift change and it would be a moment before they could take his order. He then reportedly pulled up to the first window anyway and ordered.

After paying by credit card, Connors reportedly berated the young fast-food worker at the window. She told her manager that she had been cussed out and later told police he had used a racial slur.

The manager said she told the customer, "you just disrespected, you know, one of my young ladies and she’s just a young lady, she’s just a girl."

“And when I closed the window and took two steps that’s when I felt the fire come across my neck,” the manager said.

“If I would’ve been over one inch just a centimeter, an inch, a centimeter, that would’ve been the back of my head,” she explained.

Police identified the suspect from the credit card he used to pay for his order. Prosecutors have charged Connors with aggravated assault, two counts of criminal attempt to commit a felony, and two counts of possession of a firearm.